WPT World Poker Tour 500 Piece, 11.5g Poker Chip Carousel with BICYCLE Playing Cards

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  • 500 World Poker Tour 11.5g poker chips
  • 160 x grey, 120 x red, 120 x blue & 100 x black
  • 1 x poker chip rack carousel
  • 2 x BICYCLE poker sized, two corner, standard index linen playing cards
  • Upper poker chip rack made from mahogany coloured wood
  • Features a metal pull up handle for easy transport
  • Base of carousel made from silver coloured wood, featuring a pull out draw for playing card storage
  • Bottom of carousel has a round base allowing for 360 degrees rotation
  • Poker Chip Carousel Length: 430mm
  • Poker Chip Carousel Width: 160mm
  • Poker Chip Carousel Height: 170mm
  • Poker Chip Carousel Weight: 9kg